The social isolation of a global pandemic added to the relative physical isolation of living in the rural west of Ireland were the conditions that facilitated the transition of Wes the bass guitarist into Death milkshake the looping artist. The lack of available local musicians with whom to form a band meant that looping became a viable option. Lockdowns which delivered the additional free time to become proficient in other instruments and looping software made it a reality.

Other than the occasional recorded sample which is triggered during a performance, every Death Milkshake song is played completely live using Bass guitar, Synth, midi drums and vocals washed with various effects and layered into a pre-arranged looping structure (known as scripted looping). The challenge in the writing process is to create songs that have natural flow and dynamics while working within the constraints set down by the looping software and the unfortunate fact that generally only one instrument can be played at a time.

The music being created takes cues from Electronic dance music, post punk and progressive rock amongst other genres. The lyrical content varies from sarcastic social commentary to the irreverent nonsense reflecting an artist who takes his music more seriously than he takes himself. Death Milkshake’s MO is to blend Seriousity with playfulness, and in terms of genre and song structure, to test the boundaries and expectations of the types of compositions a looping artist can create.

With only a handful of musicians around the world making music in this way, Death Milkshake is at the forefront of what will in the coming years become an established music genre in and of itself.

What Stage? Sol Stage
What Day? Saturday
On Stage: 21:45