I Have A Tribe writes songs that feel like an extension of his soul. Every carefully considered lyric and intimately constructed production possesses the character of an artist who composes music with a compulsive intensity that contrasts the meditative aura of his songs. His new Changing of the Guard collection is profound yet unpretentious, precisely performed yet playful in its approach. It’s a record that’s vibrant, warm and full of humanity, one that has the subtlety to soundtrack routine moments of our daily lives or to spark inspiration within more vulnerable times. His influences are evident: the plaintiveness of Anohni and the unorthodox balladry of Devendra Banhart, as well as following Leonard Cohen’s guiding principle that the cracks are where the light gets through. Yet amongst these echoes, this album can only be the work of I Have A Tribe.


“One of Ireland’s most exceptional musicians.”
– The Irish Times


“I Have A Tribe’s way of saying everything concisely is a wonder all of its own.”
– The Last Mixed Tape
What Stage? Luna Stage
What Day? Saturday