Jinx Lennon the Dundalk acoustic punk poet guitar man that takes you for a ride round the winding border roads and the dim yellow lights of late nights in the garrison town and he uses beats, guitar, tape noise, loops to get the audience into a good head space. The characters in Jinx songs are as vivid as the best of Kavanagh and a lot more besides. Lou Reed in a factory purgatory coming out of a  catholic school  mind control maze. Seen on the Tommy Tiernan show there’s no airs and graces and he sings about what he lives in the day to day. His latest PET RENT album is a walk straight through the abberations and dysfunctional lifestyles of Irish people. It draws into some of the moronic nature of politics on the Island, the prejudice towards outsiders and phrases that are meaningless yet are used widely. You hear local accents that don’t really sit well in the well nourished bank queue background indie pop soundtracks of the 21st century. This is modern blues music too as it spits out about life on 12 hour shiftwork in the public sector and the attitudes towards squashed down people. The current album  PET RENT is all about beats sampled glam era drums and punk bass produced by Chris Barry (Junior Brother, Myles Manley) and mastered by Limerick legend  Naive Ted. It features stalwarts of the Irish independent scene like Post Punk Podge, Dundalk DIY girl Baby Nits, Sophie Coyle, Naive Ted, Chris Barry on guitar, and Barry from Deadlians on drums. The songs are about owning up to your faults and moving ahead, and believing in the power of song. Next release is psychedelic open tuned folk punk opus ”Walk Lightly When the Jug is Full” which will be  released this coming spring.

What Stage? Luna Stage
What Day? Sunday