Kev Sheridan is an Irish multi-instrumentalist currently residing in Berlin and releasing on maeve, the record label run by Mano Le Tough, Baikal and The Drifter. Classically trained on piano and a proficient drummer, Kev has played in a variety of bands over the years which helps to explain his diverse musical pallet.

Having always held a long-standing love for electronic music, ignited by The Prodigy’s ‘Experience’ at a very young age, he has slowly honed his craft and is now releasing the fruits of his labour to the world. From gossamer ambient through pulsating, heavy-hitting house, his releases deftly cut across a variegated electronic landscape while always remaining unequivocally “Kev.”

Recent releases include the well-received EP ‘It’s Gonna Be Perfect’ [maeve] and ‘Exploding Bursts of Colour’ [arch].Kev’s music has found its way into the top releases of 2020 on platforms such as Delayed (New York) and Torture the Artist (Germany), and featuring in record bags of DJs such as Sasha, Dixon, and &ME

What Stage? Luna Stage
What Day? Sunday