Originating in Sligo on the north-west coast of Ireland, Myles Manley is a singer/songwriter who has been releasing music as ‘popstar’ Myles Manley since 2012. With incisive and idiosyncratic songcraft, and a unique vision of the Irish experience, Myles Manley first distinguished himself with critically acclaimed releases Greatest Hits 2012-2013 (2013) and More Songs (2015).

Of mixed Irish and English heritage, Myles was born in York and spent his early life in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and West Kirby before his family settled in Sligo when he was seven years old. While completing a degree in mathematics at Trinity College, Dublin he travelled to New York and became involved in the antifolk music scene centered on the East Village’s Sidewalk CafĂ©, where he began writing what would become the music of Myles Manley. An arresting blend of art-rock, outsider folk and pop sensibility, Myles Manley’s songs offer a pleasingly discordant cross of acerbic gloom and Whitmanian jubilance.

Back in Dublin, an ambitious trio of early EPs, a ‘career in a year’, were compiled as his debut album Greatest Hits 2012-2013, which, together with More Songs, earned plenty of critical attention and comparisons to everyone from R Stevie Moore to Anohni. These releases also saw the creation of a distinct persona via fantastical music videos, which has become a central part of Myles Manley’s self-presentation, seen most recently in a new series titled Aaa (2020). In the last number of years, Myles Manley has toured the Irish and UK DIY scenes extensively with his three-piece band, with the aim of building a sustainable practice as a contemporary folk musician. His debut album proper Cometh the Softies was released to critical acclaim in November 2020.

What Stage? Queen Medb Stage
What Day? Sunday