“Patrick a Friend” is home for the songs of Patrick O’Laoghaire. As “I Have a Tribe,” O’Laoghaire has toured with and opened for Bon Iver, Anna Calvi, Lisa Hannigan and Villagers. O’Laoghaire’s offering is a mixture of something very sincere and honest with something very generous and playful.

-‘His work has an organic, three-dimensional quality that lends it a rarely found sincerity; his songs are, at times, fragile … then it expands, careering forward and unfolding an unforeseen energy.


There is within his songs a vibration with the potential to unfold itself around any hour of the day. There is a timelessness in their delivery that reaches back to somewhere distant and at the same time, lands in the now: ” I saw this written in the scriptures- I saw this written in your face.”
What Stage? Luna Stage
What Day? Saturday