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As with most festivals, parking is separate to the campsites, so be prepared for a short walk from the car parks to the camping areas.

A dedicated safe and secure campsite for you and your family.

You must hold a WEEKEND FAMILY CAMPING ticket to acccess the family campsite.

Boutique camping is available through our partners Silk Road Tents

You must purchase an OFFICIAL WEEKEND CAMPING ticket to avail of the boutique camping facilities.

The Tent Commandments

  1. Rule number 1: Don’t be a #FestivalFail – bring a tent! Or at least know where you’re sleeping.
  2. Go for a double skin tent, this means it has two layers of fabric between you and the elements. Single skin tents flood easily.
  3. Bring a tent that is one size too big, for example a three-person tent if two of you are staying in it. This will give enough space for you and your stuff.
  4. Festival campsites are tight on space. Don’t take an overly large tent if you don’t need it.
  5. New tent? Practice putting it up and down before you go. Check you have all the poles and sufficient tent pegs. A mallet is useful for hammering tent pegs in.
  6. You might have the same tent as 100 other campers; make it stand out with a flag or something recognisable.
  7. Use your guy ropes and secure them properly, same with your tent pegs. Heavy wind can blow your tent away if it is not pinned down.
  8. Never leave valuables in your tent when you are out. When sleeping, put your valuables at the bottom of your sleeping bag.
  9. Wind and rain are a camper’s worst enemies! If the rain is particularly bad, try to lift your clothes off the ground of your tent in case of flooding.
  10. Take your tent – and your other belongings – away with you when you leave the festival. If it’s bust, take it down and bin it yourself, don’t just leave it up in the campsite.